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Why Schalke in Tokyo ?

The following is my Schalke story:

Hello, My name is Matsu.
I’m very happy to join Schalke fanclub UK.

I live in Tokyo. I know some Schalke fans in Japan but Schalke is not a very popular team here compared to Bayern, Leverkusen and Dortmund.(Boooo!)
But recently Schalke is getting famous because of Uchida’s join.
I don’t remember the exact point when I became a Schalke fan.
I started to watch Bundesliga from 2004/2005 season because the pay TV I had contracted started to broadcast.
But I think I became a real Schalke fan from 2006/2007 season.
That season was so beautiful and painful that I could not forget every episode such as 1904 minutes silence, a beautiful and stylish game against Bremen, painful Revier Derbies, etc.
I could not recall the 2006/07 season without tears…
Then the dark time for every Bundesliga fans in Japan came. Pay TV stopped to broadcast Bundesliga from 2007/2008.
In 2008 I decided to quit my job and went to Germany. I lived in Koeln and studied German for 8 months. Every weekend I went to Schalke games not only top team but also youth and reserve teams. What a wonderful long vacation!

That’s my Schalke story. I went to CL in Lyon and Revier Derby this year. So sad….
Hope Schalke can set back soon and everybody can enjoy the rest of the season.
I attached 2 pics. One pic is with DJ Dirk in Lyon. Right is one of my Japanese friends who lives in Germany and left is me. The other one is with Kevin. It was the first time pic I visited GE in 2007.

Glück Auf!


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