19 Search for a Schalke Fanclub in the UK

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Search for a Schalke Fanclub in the UK

Hi Schalke Fan Club UK,

i searched for many years to find a Schalke Fan Club in the uk and i just came across your website. Im absolutely amazed and really excited cause im a massive Schalke Fan and i lived in Gelsenkirchen for my first 19 years of my live and have still got family in Gelsenkirchen.
Im still visiting my family in Gelsenkirchen ones or twice a year and i always looking forward to come home to see my family and have some nice German food and watching Schalke together.

Im very happy and proud to join your Fan Club !!!.

Now im just telling you abit about myself:

I was born in Brake near Bremen in Germany in 1979 and moved to Gelsenkirchen when i was 12 month old and lived in Gelsenkirchen till i was 19 years old. I moved to the uk in 1999 to live with my Dad in Leyland, England.
My dad is english and my mum is German and my mum still lives in Gelsenkirchen.

Currrently im living in Blackburn, England with my wife who i married in 2007.

Im soo excited at the moment because Schalke are doing soo well this season and i really hope Schalke will win the Bundesliga on 8. Mai 2010. Also to see Schalke in the Champions League next season is great and i really hope Schalke will play against an English team here in the uk so i can support Schalke proudly in an english Stadium.
I always supported Schalke and always will. Even when I moved to the UK 11 years ago I still watched Schalke games on the television and kept myself well informed on the internet.
I have so many good memories with Schalke and could write pages and pages about my experience with Schalke. When i was living in Gelsenkirchen i was a Season Ticket holder and went to every home games and most away games when i could afford it. My first Schalke game i went to watch was in 1991 in the old Schalke Stadium “Parkstadion”.
My best memory with Schalke was of cause the UEFA CUP win in 1997. Unfortunately i couldnt travel to Milan but i was with 30.000 Schalke Fans in the old Schalke Stadium “Parkstadion” and watched the Final on a Big Screen. The atmosphare was unbeliveble. Me and my friends was celebrating all nite so when the Schalke Team arrived back in Gelsenkirchen the atmosphare in the streets and the stadium was unbeliveble. A very special moment.

Finally i would like to say that Schalke will always be in my heart and i will always support Schalke. Schalke is not just a football club, we are a family together.


Sascha Walmsley

(Frank Josinger, Greg L. and Sascha Walmsley in Manchester 2011)

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