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Committee Schalke FanClub UK

The committee consists of these members :


  • Gregg Devine (First Chairman )

  • Christian Wißing (branch secretary)

  • Stefan Blieffert (FanClub-Membership)

  • Stefan Blieffert, Steve Faulkner, Philippe Dworaczek, Marco Jenau  (Website)

  • Frank Josinger  ( Facebook admin & Artwork master)

  • Marc Lefeber ( Arena Flag)

  • Mirko Gedlich (Prediction Game)

  • Björn Fendrich (Tickets Home Games)

  • Theo Rabuda (Tickets Away-Games)

  • Birgit Dworschak , Frank Josinger (Translator)

  • Shane Askam (Official Currywurst and Veltins taster)

  • Jürgen Halten - Fanclub-Partnership FCN UK / Schalke FanClub UK


Gregg Devine  Chairman | 1. Vorsitzender
Live in Gillingham in England within the county of Kent (known as the garden of England). Gillingham is about 40km east of London. I am engaged to be married this October to Lauren and I have no kids that I know of !!!
Schalke fan since 2008 and Gillingham fan since 1982. I am now carrying to life sentances with no parol. At least they both play in blue and white.
Hobbies  Travel. I love exotic holidays. Thailand and Mexico are my favourite and I am looking forward to going to the Maldives in December. Very much into my dance music - Tiesto, Armin Van Buren etc. Love watching movies, except horror and chick flicks. Guns, girls, action and laughs are usually what i look for!
Favourite Player  Farfan. Whilst i don't think his heart is at Schalke, he is the key to breaking down other defences. His speed and creativity is missed when he does not play/ still in Peru.
Best Film  Avatar, Heat, Hangover, Blind Side, Hamburger Hill
TV Series  The Inbetweeners - Toilet humour with some great quotes
Food  Curry, Thai and Kebabs
Games  FIFA on the XBOX
Book  Ones with loads of pictures! Anything about war or football fan culture.
Attitude to life  Nothing is forever. Keeps me level headed and not too carried away when times are good or too down when things are bad.



Christian Wißing  Branch Secretary | Geschäftsführer
Was born in the Ruhrpott - Lives in Kirchardt ( Baden-Würtemberg), father of 2 daughters ( Lisa & Lara)
Schalke-Fan since 1976
Hobbies  Heavy Music (Metallica, Queen, Toten Hosen...) – Japanese Koi – holiday in Spain and UK
Favourite Player  Marc Wilmots
Best Film  Groundhog Day, Life of Brian, Halloween I, Dawn of the Dead
TV Series  Al Bundy-Married with children, Scrubs, Switch reloaded, The Shield
Food  Ice cream, Lasagne, Pasta, Chocolate and Lisa's Cheesecake !
Games  Command & Conquer, Quake,
Book  ...
Attitude to life  Enjoy Life – Have Fun 😉



Stefan Blieffert Membership-manager | Mitglieder-Verwaltung, Webmaster
Live in Essen.

I'm Schalke Fan since August 1979 - my uncle picked me up for the match against Bayern München. I only knew Klaus Fischer and called his name the whole game. Guess, my uncle was verry pissed 🙂

The game ended 1:1.



Hobbies Tennis and Football
Favourite Player Benedikt Höwedes
Best Film MIB
TV Series Californication
Food Currywurst, Chips, Pizza, Pasta
Games NFS Most Wanted, The Last Of Us
Book No books pls
Attitude to life Keep cool