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This is an important information about the Schalke FanClub UK - fee:
It is only 13,00 BP / 15,00 € for one year (Bundesliga-Season).
The membership-fee has to be paid yearly at the 1st of May. You´ll find the banking-information ( bank/Paypal) on our website.

Aufgrund vieler Nachfragen hier eine wichtige Information zu unserem Mitglieder-Beitrag:
Der Jahresbeitrag des Schalke FanClubs UK beträgt lediglich 15,00 €! Die Mitgliedschaft beinhaltet keinerlei Verpflichtungen. Die FanClub-Satzung kann auf unserer Webseite eingesehen und heruntergeladen werden. Jeder Schalker, der unsere Ziele unterstützt, den S04 supporten möchte und weder Nazi noch Hool ist, kann bei uns Mitglied werden.
Der Berechnungszeitraum des Mitgliedsbeitrages ist die jeweilige Bundesligasaison. Der neue Jahresbeitrag wird immer zum 01.05. des jeweiligen Jahres fällig.

Join The Schalke FanClub UK

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The official Schalke FanClub UK starts in April 2010 as part of the main-fanclub-organisation. If you are interested to join the club, contact us.

Official members have to pay £13,00 / €15,00 a year ( Kids 0-16 ) just £6,00 / €8,00. We are going to plan club meetings, fan tours and many other Schalke events for our club-members. The membership allows the entry of the Homepage-Forum and will save money when you are going to buy Schalke FanClub UK merchandising.

Of course we will try to get home & away-tickets for our members. As you can see we have a lot of ideas, and so much positive energy, you are welcome help and create the club with many other Schalke-fans.

And notice : It is the first Schalke FanClub in the UK, but all Schalker are welcome to join the club, wherever you live and love our Club !

Now it is possible to complete our application form online. Just [klick here].


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... of joining the Schalke FanClub UK

Hi all,

I'd just like to point out the benefits of joining the first and only Schalke 04 supporters club in the UK.

We will get home and away tickets for club members only .
We are planning to organise Schalke FanClub UK events during the season. If you are a member you will get an invite with the date, time and place in advance so you can plan for the meeting with other members.
If we are playing in the UK in a European game, the games will be 'ours'. We have been told we will get first chance of any tickets as we are the only Schalke FanClub in the UK.
You can only buy items from the shop if you are a member.
So there are plenty of reasons to join the branch and be a part of something new and exciting, Join now, the forms are on the home page to download. Simply Paypal Chris the joining money, and then you will have full access to the site and all the benefits.

Best regards and Glückauf Schalke!!

Schalke FanClub UK